Dear neighbor,

I am delighted to speak with you about our community on Manhattan’s East Side. For me, the best part of living here is the delight of walking outdoors and seeing all my neighbors enjoying our City as much as my family and I do.

Yet I know that living here is difficult. Expenses continue to climb: the cost of groceries, and most of all, the cost of housing, are rising. Meanwhile, large numbers of new luxury high rise buildings are going up. At night, the windows are dark – a reminder, far too often, our neighborhood is being bought out by people who invest in housing stock but do not reside here.

I fear that if housing costs continue to climb, our neighborhood will cease to be a home for older adults and for families whose moms and dads work so hard to live and work here – the people who keep our streets clean and safe; who work in our schools; who work for the businesses that have made this a prosperous and hospitable home.

I decided to run for City Council so I can work to ensure that ours is a neighborhood where we can afford to live and work. I want to make sure that repairs to our homes are easier to obtain and that affordable apartments in Manhattan and citywide are not lost. I want to ensure that our schools are better and that the teachers who work there can afford to live nearby.

For me, this is home. I walk my dog in Central Park, eat in east midtown and take my daughter to Gymboree in Murray Hill. For years I have worked in Carnegie Hill for Liz Krueger, our State Senator. Now I want to work for you as your advocate as your voice in the City Council.

Please call or email me and my team. I look forward to talking with you about our home and about keeping it a place we can all be proud of.