Last year I noticed one new homeless person on my block. At the same time, residents at 33rd and 3rd complained about a series of incidents with homeless New Yorkers. There are similar problems on 25th street in Chelsea and uptown on 85th Street.

It is clear to all of us that homelessness is a mounting issue. Much needs to be done, including funding of programs that move the working homeless (people who work, but cannot get approved for an apartment) into permanent housing; expanding rent freeze programs to prevent people from becoming homeless; and building more affordable units. To effectively address such ongoing community issues, I propose the formation of a community task force to identify the hotspots for homelessness and assist City agencies in serving the residents and preventing street homeless in our community.

As your City Councilmember, I would:

  • Support more mental health funding for at risk adults and homeless New Yorkers.
  • Support increased funding for Special Exit and Prevention Supplement program.
  • Support community task force on sanitation and street homelessness.
  • Expanded Rent assistance for residents at risk of losing their homes