Housing is the largest expense for any resident of New York, but the costs are often more than half of the income of those in our neighborhood. For all the talk about building new affordable units, too little emphasis is placed on the need to focus on preservation and reclamation of affordable housing. While 6,191 units of new affordable housing were financed in 2014, reports stated that 200,000 affordable homes have disappeared from the rolls of the overseeing agencies as of the same year.
Rather than spending money on building new units and making slow progress toward livability, we should focus more city funds on finding affordable units that have fallen off the rolls andensure that existing affordable housing is not lost through evictions or demolition of existing buildings.

As your City Councilmember, I would:

  • Support new affordable housing programs.
  • Support housing preservation.
  • Support an audit of J-51 and 421a buildings to recover lost affordable units.
  • Support a fast-track restoration of rent stabilized housing rents for re-claimed units.
  • Support development that incorporates public use projects as part of a ULURP (upzoning) process.

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